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User tasks, events and counters not showing up when attaching to Process (Windows 7/VTune 2018)


I try to integrate the ITT API into our application. It works well and the tasks, counters and frames show up if I start the application through VTune. However, when attaching VTune to a running instance of the application, no tasks, counters or frames of ITT show up. I also haven't found any information about this regard on the internet.

A minimal example of how we use the ITT API is shown by the attached main.cpp. The command-line looks as follows:

"<Path/To>/amplxe-cl" -collect-with runss -knob cpu-samples-mode=stack -knob accurate-cpu-time-detection=false -knob signals-mode=stack -knob io-mode=stack -knob enable-user-tasks=true -knob stack-stitching=false --target-process <process>

(Obviously replacing <Path/To> and <process> with the correct values)

The Windows Version I tested this on is Windows 7 Enterprise 64-Bit - Service Pack 1 (Version 6.1.7601) with an Intel Coure i7-4770. Also using VTune 2018 Update 3 (build 559005) with the included version of ITT as well as the version available in

Appreciating your help.

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Hi Bennet,

To collect itt tasks in attach mode, you need to set INTEL_LIBITTNOTIFY environment variable before the application run. For more information please see:
Do you set it?


Thank you. That's easy enough.Though I used your sites as I reference, I completly missed this chapter. With the correct environment it works.