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What is latest/greatest VTune version and where to get?



I had VTune Amplifier XE 2017 and the Educator Intel® Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition for Windows*.

But those have expired and I'd like to know what the current version of VTune Amplifier is and where to find it.

I'll be requested new educator licenses as I'm teaching an upcoming course using Intel platform.

Additional questions:

1. Does VTune support profiling GPU (Intel integrated HD Graphics SOC GPU, Skylake, KabyLake)? How about Intel OpenCL compute kernels (on GPU and/or CPU)?

2. Is the Intel Integrated Performance Primitives product required for additional HW metrics?

3. Can I obtain VTune separately or do I need the full Intel Parallel Studio XE package (or at least multiple parts of it)?

Thanks, Colin

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Hello Colin,

The latest available is VTune Amplifier 2019. Please find available download options at

As for your questions:

1. VTune Amplifier supports GPU profiling for Intel integrated HD Graphics on Skylake and KabyLake,  including OpenCL compute kernels profiling. See details:

2. Intel Integrated Performance Primitives not required for additional HW metrics. 

3. You can get it separately as standalone release, or as part of Intel Parallel Studio XE 2019.


Regards, Katya

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