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Using pin to attach to a process


I am using a custom tracer which is working with pin tool. The format is

./pin-3.10/pin -t tracer/obj-intel64/ -o ~/traces/ls.trace -s 100000 -t 2000000 -- /bin/ls

where -s is the number of instructions to skip and -t is the number of instructions to be trace. The format is similar to the pin usage

Usage: pin [OPTION] [-t <tool> [<toolargs>]] -- <command line>


Thing is that, pin can be used to attach to a process. But when I use that, I get the usage output which means some options are incorrect.

 ./pin-3.10/pin -t tracer/obj-intel64/ -pid 1094 -o run.trace -s 10000 -t 10000000
E: Missing application name
Pin: pin-3.10-97971-c5e41af74
Copyright 2002-2019 Intel Corporation.

Usage: pin [OPTION] [-t <tool> [<toolargs>]] -- <command line>
Use -help for a description of options


Is this a problem with pin or the custom tracer tool? It seems that applying command line is mandatory in pin.

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Let me re-direct you to Pin tool support:

"Technical Support

If you have specific questions after reading the user's manual, you should first check the FAQ page. If that doesn't answer your question, you can search through the archives of the Pinheads newsgroup to see if anyone else asked your question. Finally, if that doesn't solve your problem, feel free to post a message to the newsgroup (don't forget to include your Pin kit number, operating system, processor, and gcc version)."


Regards, Katya

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