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Vtune Amplifier installation on Linux


When installing Vtune from CLI_INSTALL/, the following error occurs in the log file.

ERROR: Improper Linux Kernel source directory "/usr/src/linux" is specified ... exiting.



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Hi Mahmud,

Linux kernel source directory with kernel headers is needed to build VTune sampling drivers for hardware PMU-based analysis. If your Linux kernel is >2.6.32 and configured with Linux* Perf support, you can install VTune w/o building sampling drivers, then VTune will collect hardware PMU events in "driverless" mode via Perf tool:

If your system is not Linux Perf-enabled and you need VTune sampling drivers, follow instructions from

Installation seems cannot detect your kernel source directory automatically or it's missed maybe.

You can modify sampling driver build options by setting up parameters in Advanced Options -> Driver Build Options dialog.  

Make sure to install kernel headers, execute one of the following commands specific to your operating system:

  • Fedora / Red Hat Enterprise Linux

        On a system with the default kernel, install the kernel-devel package:
            yum install kernel-devel
        On a system with the PAE kernel, install the kernel-PAE package:
            yum install kernel-PAE-devel

  • OpenSUSE / SUSE Linux Enterprise

        zypper install kernel-source

  • Ubuntu / Debian

        apt-get install linux-headers-4.4.120-94.17-default


Regards, Katya

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