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VTune 9.0 update 1 (969) installation integrating Eclipse 3.2.1 on RHEL 5


During the installation of VTune 9.0 update 1 (vtune_linux_9.0.upd1.969.tar.gz), an option is available to integrate the VTune graphical interface into an existing installation of Eclipse. Eclipse version 3.2.1 is required. I am trying to install VTune 9.0.upd1.969 on a Pentium 4 machine running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, and Eclipse 3.2.1 is already installed. The RPMs are:

  • eclipse-pde-runtime-3.2.1-18.el5
  • eclipse-platform-sdk-3.2.1-18.el5
  • eclipse-ecj-3.2.1-18.el5
  • eclipse-rcp-3.2.1-18.el5
  • eclipse-platform-3.2.1-18.el5
  • eclipse-rcp-sdk-3.2.1-18.el5
  • eclipse-pde-3.2.1-18.el5
  • eclipse-jdt-3.2.1-18.el5

and these RPMs install Eclipse 3.2.1 mostly under three top-level directories:

  • /usr/lib/eclipse
  • /usr/lib/gcj/eclipse
  • /usr/share/eclipse
There are 30 other files outside these directories, including /usr/bin/eclipse, eight xml/html files, about 20 icon files.

So during the installation of VTune I am prompted with the following:
Intel VTune Performance Analyzer 9.0 update 1 for Linux* installation    
- Specify the Eclipse directory that VTune analyzer should be integrated with.
  Note that Eclipse v.3.2.1 is required.
- To cancel your configuration changes, clear your input and press 
- Tips (for systems that support advanced command-line editing):
  Press Ctrl+U to delete everything before the cursor
  Press Ctrl+K to delete everything after the cursor
  Use  for auto-completion
Specify a directory :

If I type /usr/lib, /usr/lib/eclipse, /usr/lib/eclipse/plugins, /usr/lib/gcj/eclipse, /usr/share, /usr/share/eclipse, /usr/share/eclipse/plugins, none of these are accepted and I get the following error message:

ERROR: The installation program was not able to find the Eclipse*
plug-ins and features required for integration.
Either you are using an incompatible version of Eclipse* (version 3.2.1
required), or your Eclipse* installation is not correct. Press and try again.
What am I supposed to do here to get the VTune installation script to recognize that I already have Eclipse 3.2.1 on the system? I quickly compared the list of files in the tgz provided with VTune and what the RHEL RPMs have installed and there appear to be many duplicates.

Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.
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The problem seems to be on lines 2064 and 2096 in the installation script vtune_linux_9.0u1/data/

RHEL 5 installs Eclipse 3.2.1 mostly under /usr/share/eclipse and /usr/lib/eclipse, but the Eclipse executable is installed as /usr/bin/eclipse, as I indicated in my original post.

Around lines 2053 to 2103 in the script, the VTune installation program looks for the directories $DIR, $DIR/plugins, $DIR/features, the binary executable $DIR/eclipse, and the regular file $DIR/.eclipseproduct. All of these except $DIR/eclipse can be found if the user gives "/usr/share/eclipse" (which is save as the variable DIR) after selecting install option 5, suboption 2 to "integrate" the VTune GUI with an existing installation of Eclipse. However, the installation program will fail to find the Eclipse binary executable as $DIR/eclipse which expands to /usr/share/eclipse/eclipse because it is installed as /usr/bin/eclipse.

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