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VTune 9.1_011 Windows installation hangs on Vista 64 SP1

I am running Vista64 SP1. I see this behavior for Thread Profiler and VTune and do not find any other posts to this effect on the support site.

I run the installer, enter my license key, the UI closes, and then the installer processes are there, but nothing is happening. Using a debugger, SetupCore is deadlocked. The other two setup processes are waiting on something, but what, i have no idea.

Any help or redirection to the appropriate forum would be great.

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It it's hanging in the step where it checks your licence key by internet, you can avoid it by putting the license file in Program Files (x86)Common FilesIntelLicenses. If you need another copy of the file by e-mail, you can go to https:\ and register your key, then request a copy of the file.
Presumably, you are logged in as Administrator when installing or running VTune. Indications you get when attempting to install without sufficient privilege may not be at all clear. Other Intel software tools should install OK from an account which is a member of Administrator group, when the installer is run under "run as" Administrator, but that probably isn't sufficient for VTune, as VTune requires permission to view all processes run by any account.
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