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VTune / Xeon Phi problem


Windows 7 x64 host, Xeon Phi (7120), VTune Amplifier 2015 Update 3 (April 20, 2015).

I can profile host apps with no problems. Whenever I try to profile Xeon Phi, I get an error message: "cannot enable hardware event based sampling: problem with the driver (sep*/sepdrv*)."

I've verified that the sep driver is running on the host (I guess it must be since I can do host profiling?). I went through the steps described in the documentation to install the driver on the card as well, and to restart the card. I see "sep3_15" in the list of kernel modules, and "./sep_mic_server3.15" in the list of processes on the Phi. And VTune still does not work.

I've figured out how to launch profiling via command line, which produced the following lines before failing with the same message about sep*/sepdrv*:

amplxe: Error: Binary load failed

Unable to open shared library: abstract_mic_host.dll

SEP_Set_Up_Abstract_Callback_table returned error: 37

I tried several different options: host launch, native launch, profiling the entire system; tried launching amplxe-cl as administrator; the outcome is always the same. Even if I shut down Xeon Phi, error messages remain the same (so, presumably, either VTune is unable to communicate with the card at all, though it does see that it is there; or fails for some reason before it even attempts to communicate with it.)

I've verified that abstract_mic_host.dll is present in the same directory as amplxe-cl.

Any suggestions?

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Just noticed that the MPSS page says: "There is an incompatibility between the Intel® MPSS version 3.5 for Windows host and the Intel® Vtune™ Amplifier 2015". This must be it.

After some debugging, it seems to me that the root cause of the problem is that a certain exported symbol (_dll_errno) is missing in the version of uSCIF.dll that comes with MPSS 3.5.


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The limitation may be addressed in an upcoming release of VTune Amplifier. So far to be able to profile with VTune Amplifier, you need to stay on previous versions of MPSS.

Thanks & Regards, Dmitry

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