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VTune command line and function percentages

Hello everyone,

When I use the graphical interface (vtlec) and run a sample program, I get a nice chart of each function in my program, which displays each function call and the % of how much that function took in comparison to the entire program. This is what it looks like:
Function Name % of the process "a.out" Module
zaddmul 63.2 a.out
karmul 15.3 a.out
zsub 8.72 a.out

The problem is, I have to run this code using 40+ different command line options, and I want to make a script to run everything in command line. However, I cannot get this nice display using command line.

This is what I have been using:
vtl activity -c sampling -app ./a.out,"2000 2000" run
/opt/intel/vtune/bin/vtl view a9::r1 -hf -mn a.out

And the sampling report I get is a mess. All I want is it to simply display what vtlec does. Function Name, % of the process a.out, and module.

Is there anyway to do this?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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