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VTune with .NET application


Hi, all,

I tried to profile an executable .NET application with VTune profiler and the following problemas occured:

- I didn't see the executable's name in the modules view. The executable is a hard processing module and shouldn't be discarded.

- The executable imports several managed DLLs, but only one of them appears in the modules view. Also, although I have provided the path to the .pdb file when I was asked, this module did not show the methods' names in the hotspot view.

- There is no integration with Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2.

Does anyone know if VTune supports .NET Beta 2? My Vtune version is 7.2.

Thanks in advance for any help,

Monique Louise

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Hi Monique!
These are execellent questions. Let me try to answer them.
First, .NET applications will show up as JIT'd modules in the module view, e.g., myapp.exe.jit.
Second, since Microsoft* Visual Stuido* 2005 Beta 2 is not listed in the Release Notes, version 7.2 of the VTune analyzer does not support it, yet. You see, 7.2 released last September (2004) and Beta 2 was not available. As you can imagine, it is difficult to anticipate what another company might do in a future release of a product. We are working to support this development environment, but I do not have any information on when that might be available.
Finally, I do know that there are a couple of issues with Beta 2 and the VTune analyzer. The VTune analyzer does not currently support Generics. So, if you are using Generics, you will not be able to view that code with the VTune analyzer. Also, there may be a problem with parsing the symbol information. Do you have optimization turned on? Engineering verified Beta 1 with optimization and debug info enabled.
Optionally, and totally not supported :-), you can try replacing the Microsoft* debug info parse that the VTune analyzer installs (msdbi60.dll) with the new one from Beta 2. I don't know the name of the parser dll and I don't know if it works. It's just an idea, if you have some time to try it.
As soon as support for VS.NET 2005 is available, we will announce it on Intel Premier Support and this forum.

Almost 4 years later... Version 9.1 doesn't seem to support Generics. Are there any plans to support it some day?


Let me rectify, it doesn't support Generics with Constraints... any plans to support that in a future version?