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Visual Studio 2010 Performance Analysis does not work

Hi, I have this problem for long time. If I start visual studio 2o1o and start the Visual Studio 2010 Performance Analysis, there is no problem to run it. However, once I run the Interl Amplifier performance analyzer, the Visual Studio 2010 Performance Analysis does not work any more, and every time I will get a message "PRF0025: no data was collected ". I got a workaround from the following link:

To get the Visual Studio 2010 Performance Analysis work again, I have to restart my computer and run Performance Analysis. Is there any other way rather than rastarting to fix this problem? Thanks!

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I remember that I was aware of this problem -someone complained that Amplifier doesn't work in integration mode, Amplifier standalone GUIor command line can work. It might be due to Visual Studio 2010 version is too new.

Simply remove VS 2010 integration from your system - you still can use VTune Amplifier from standalone GUI or command line:
1. In command line, run amplxe-vars.bat from installation directory
2. ampxe-vsreg -d 2010

Thanks, Peter