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a exception on running vTune 7.1 for Bulverde analysis


I'm running vTune 7.1 (Host: windows version) for analyzing Bulverde(Target: Linux os), when I drift down from hotspot(Function view) to assembly instruction analysis, vTune will crash with a exception(when cost virtual memory 1.8G). The Error message is

"A serious error occurred in file D:VTune5.0analyzersrcSVDPVTSvdp.cpp at line 1524(Unexpected problem has occured. The Source View window will now be closed.). The failed HRESULT that produced this error is 0x80340001. Please contact technical support."

The exception only occurs when I analyzing a .so library module, when I analyzing the main executable image in the same sample data, it's ok.

My Software Environment:

vTune 7.1.018(w_vt_p_7.1.018.exe)+linux Xscale Agent 1.3.008(w_vtxs_b_1.3.008.exe)

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