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advixe-cl How to report GFLOPs

I am running the Intel Advisor 2018 (build 523188) on Linux CentOS 7.4.

I am profiling a bunch of benchmarks (I want to plot them all in a single roofline plot) and I am using the command line tool (advixe-cl) to collect the survey, tripcounts and flops information for each benchmark.

However, I cannot find a way to report the measured flops (for each loop or function or even whole program) using the command line tool advixe-cl. The documentation I am looking at is found here, but I think that it is not complete e.g. the option -flops-and-masks is not mentioned anywhere. Do you know if there is any way to report the measured flops via the command line interface?

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As far as I understand, the documentation you linked corresponds to the output of `advixe-cl --help`. Many of the options are explained one level deeper (`advixe-cl --help collect`). On the website, scrolling to the bottom you can click on "collect" where --flops-and-masks is explained (as deprecated, and that you should use --flop instead)
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Specifically for GFLOPS the answer is described at 


Basically you could use one of two methods:

1st method (compatible with MPI applications):

advixe-cl -collect survey -project-dir MyResults -- MyExecutable
advixe-cl -collect tripcounts -flop -project-dir MyResults -- MyExecutable

2nd method :

advixe-cl -collect roofline -project-dir MyResults -- MyExecutable


In both methods the user application will be run twice.


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