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can i limit pdb symbols loading to specific modules only?


I understand that this has been probably answered already but searching failed me so please bare with me.

Every time Vtune gui finalizes results it goes through all of the modules in the system and tries to find symbols for them. It fails 30 minutes later every time and starts resolving symbols from my process. Which takes another hour if i dont strip private symbols. Stripping private symbols kills all useful info inside functions so its not really an option.

Can i provide list of specific modules to look symbols from and ignore everything else? 

os windows 10 1703 (15063.1206). Vtune Update 3 (build 559005)

best regards, Myroslav

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Hi Myroslav,

Usually on Windows this can be controlled via specifying search directories for symbol files (.pdb). Inability to locate symbol files should cause much faster resolving for the module. Does it happen that VTune is able to locate .pdb files for all the non-related to your application binaries?

Please check also that your _NT_SYMBOL_PATH environment variable is empty or contains the paths to your application binaries only. If it contains the link to MS symbol server, this might be the reason of too long finalization.


there were 2 local folders in search paths. one as *srv*. It was populated by visual studio as cache for symbol loading. No _NT_SYMBOL_PATH. Removing these does not affect result finalization in any way. I guess i was wrong about the inability to load of symbols for the modules being slow.