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getting to view source with results


OK - I collected data for my application.  I can open results and see data without source - but I can not associate source with the information.

Here is what I used to collect the VTune information in my batch file.

mpirun -np 1 amplxe-cl -collect hotspot –r ./vtunehotproj ./a.out : -np 127 ./a.out.exe

I submitted my job and it ran and created a directory vtunehotproj.n025 (why n025?  I don't know but that is fine).  In this directory there is a file vtunehotproj.n025.amplxe and 4 directories:  archive, config, data.0, and sqlite-db.

Now I come back an hour later and see the job ran.  I run amplxe-gui and I choose open results and select the file vtunehotproj.n025.amplxe and it lists where most time is spent by file name.  I want to associate source  - but I see I can not add a source directory path to a "results".  So I search through the documentation and see I need to create a project, import the data into the object and then add the source path.  So I go in amplxe-gui and create a project.  Then I select the import option -but this will not let me import vtunehotproj.n025.amplxe.   So I decide to select a directory - so I select data.0 and import this.   But now I no longer get information about my application.  I associate the binary ./a.out as well as the source direcotry - but now I have even less information about the application   amplxe gui now shows me time in a.out, and [unknown stack frame(s)].   I click on ./a.out to see details - but it gives me a chart with the same modules above and treats ./a.out as a monolithic blob with no functions.

If I select open results - I can see hotspots by function by no association with source code line numbers (yes I compiled with -g).  If I import results I lose all function information so even though I can associate a "source code directory" to the project nothing is resolved!   This is worthless.   How can I get function breakdown AND source association?    What directory or what file do I need to "import" ?



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-  It is correct to import the data.0 directory.

- It looks like VTune can't locate binary files when importing. Are there any warnings like "Cannot locate binary/symbol file ...." on the Collection Log pane? If so, you should add directories where the binary and symbol files are located to your project via the Binary/Symbol Search dialog and re-resolve the result (or import new one).

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