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hotspot analysis completes without doing anything!

There's probably a simple explanation for this behavior but I'm just not seeing what it could be.
I launch an application using amplxe-gui (version XE2011, update 7) and although it should take a few hundred seconds to run, it completes immediately. It informs me that the analysis is completed successfully and that the Finalization completed successfully. There is no function data to show.
The amplxe-gui program works on another application I have, just not the one I"m interested in!
The only unsual thing I'm aware of is that my OS is Scientific Linux 6.1, a clone of Redhat. The installer tells me that this is an unsupported OS. Prior to a recent reinstall (hard disk failure), this worked fine in spite of the claim that SL was unsupported, so I am puzzled. Note that selinux is set to permissive.
Any advice on where to look for a problem would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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Was a results directory created for the analysis run? If so, can you zip the directory up and attach to the case? You may wish to attach as a private post. We can take a look at it and go from there.

- Rob

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