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problem drillign down to execution time/general profiling questions


I have a dll that's consumed by Outlook ( tried both managed and unmanaged .dll )

1) Using callgraph, I can see a series of function calls a->b->c, where c is the lowest level function. That's good.

I can look at the code of c, but I can't see the breakup of performance:

for example, in the pseudocode below, I don't get what was the time for MapiCall & for IStreamOpen( ). I get some calls ( e.g., CreateString ~.3% ), but the major calls like below are ignored. What's wrong?

void c( )


MAPIcall1( );

IStream->Open( );


2. The app ( Outlook) is obviously user driven. So call graphs in previous versions used to work fine for me - I'll do a sequence of operations then look at performance. I tried sampling before, but it wants to close app soon - Outlook does not like it, e.t.c...Is there a better way than call graph for this case to check the performance of my .dll consumed by Outlook?

Thanks in advance!

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1) Are these methods in another DLL? Do you have symbols for it? I assume you are looking at the call list and not seeing these methods. Is that correct?

2) Closing the app is an option that you can control. Using the Sampling Wizard, uncheck the "duration" and check the "Modify when wizard is done". Then, in the Sampling Collector Configuration, uncheck the "Terminate application when Activity ends" option.

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