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"Failed to create moduleID" message

I'm running the VTune GUI on Windows, connecting to an RDC on a Linux machine. After doing a sampling run, I see this error in the output of vtserver:

000 01/20/2009 14:16:01 1610 ISM agent: failed to create moduleID for /opt/dcl/infra/websrv/tomcat/webapps/wsd/WEB-INF/lib/dcssc.jar

The VTune GUI then can't display any useful information from within dcssc.jar.

What does this error mean?
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Are you using the same Remote Data Collector (RDC) that came with the local Windows version?

Is the connection OK? Try pinging between the two computers, both ways. Ping each direction first by IP address, then again by hostname.

Users must now specify their remote Linux RDC sessions as "$USER@remoteLinuxMachine" instead of just "remoteLinuxMachine".

On Linux side, vtserver should be started as,
/opt/intel/vtune/bin/vtserver -d /tmp --no-auth --compat-user=$USER
where $USER is the account of the user who is running vtserver

Verify that user running RDC vtserver has permissions to access VDK driver (and thus perform sampling); run "/bin/ls -lt /dev/vtune_*" and "groups"; the user should be a member of the group that can read/write /dev/vtune* devices.

To check if the sampling driver is already loaded, type /sbin/lsmod | grep vtune_drv. If no output is shown from this command, then type /opt/intel/vtune/analyzer/drivers/insmod-vtune to load the appropriate sampling driver for your kernel.

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