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vtune on linux, hanging on 'futex' while running in zsh ?

Hi folks,

I'm a newbie at using vtune, and have installed it for my group on one of our linux boxes.

All of us with the default shell (/bin/bash) can run this command just fine:
/opt/intel/ptu/bin/vtssrun prof -- ls

However, one of our developers has /usr/local/bin/zsh (symlink to /bin/zsh) as his shell.
( Coincidentally, only /bin/zsh is listed in /etc/shells , but that should not be an issue )

When he runs the command above, the command freezes, and we need to cntl-c out of it.

We discovered that if he moves his .zshrc to .zshenv, then vtune will run fine.

What's odd is, there is not much out of the ordinary in the file --
it is quite large, but simply a bunch of exports and defining functions.

When we stick 'strace -f ' in front of that command above, it hangs on 'futex',
after creating the sock successfully.

Would be nice if it printed out some debug/error msg, instead of just hanging.

Cheers, Rory
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fyi - we noticed when we removed the following line from his .zshrc:

export ROOT=/home/y

then vtune would work fine.

e.g. if you run the command without "ROOT" set in zsh env, it works fine:

[user@box]~% /opt/intel/ptu/bin/vtssrun prof -- ls
Stop request has been processed..

but if you define "ROOT" env var at the zsh prompt, it hangs:

[user@box]~% ROOT=blah /opt/intel/ptu/bin/vtssrun prof -- ls
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