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Does Intel have a Convolutional Neural Network IP that can be configured in the library and instantiated in VHDL/verilog?


I am looking to develop FPGA-accelerated CNN implementations and am considering intel Arria 10 chips as candidates for development. However, I wanted to figure out if intel has CNN (convolutional neural network) IP within in their IP library that I can integrate in my HDL design. I already know that Xilinx has such core (Xilinx DPU) but have not yet confirmed whether intel has something equivalent.


I did come across documentation on Intel DLA but I am not quite sure if those are FPGA IP Cores (equivalent to DPU cores from Xilinx) or a complete software suite that is configurable via sotware (more like Xilinx Vitis). Can someone with knowledge of this please confirm?



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Hi ,

OpenVINO has option for selecting different standard neural network architectures,you can also use model optimizer to choose custom designs.

The DLA on FPGA is configurable through the OpenVINO tool kit .

The following Video is a good introduction.

In case you want to try out your designs on acceleration FPGA Devcloud can be helpful.

Thanks and Regards