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altchipid can not be used in Partial Reconfiguration mode


1. I am using the Intel A10 PAC board development project. Now I want to bind the project-generated .gbs to a specific PAC board. That is to say, this .gbs cannot be used for downloading to other PAC boards. What should I do?

2. The altchipid can not be used in Partial Reconfiguration mode.How do I read the id of the currently used board? 

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Hi, 1. Un-fortunately there is no such way to tag the bit-stream to specific to a specific PAC card, ChipID is used to identify the FPGA wafer number, lot number etc.. 2. Similarly for PAC card there is no direct way to access the ChipID. However for Stratix10 Devkit you can do that Refer to details of user guide. "Accessing Chip ID Intel Stratix 10 FPGA IP through Signal Tap" Thanks, Arslan