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running ASE with modelsim non SE edition?


We would like to run Accelerator Functional Unit simulation environment for our AFU design. One of the requirement is to use :


— 64-bit Synopsys* VCS-MX-2016.06-SP2-1 RTL Simulator

— 64-bit Mentor Graphics* Modelsim SE Simulator (Version 10.5c)

— 64-bit Mentor Graphics QuestaSim Simulator (Version 10.5c)


We know that modelsim SE should be more expensive than other modelsim edition, such as DE, PE, and Intel FPGA edition.

I wonder if anyone have successfully run ASE using modelsim other edition?

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I don't think there should be any issue running functional simulations using any edition of ModelSim. The only point to consider is that when using non FPGA (intel ) versions of ModelSim or other simulators, you should compile the specific device (FPGA) libraries into the specific simulators using the Quartus tools. This way you can use VCS ot any version of ModelSim for FPGA centric simulations