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what is memory spec in PAC?


I am trying to customized BSP for PAC, however I can't find emif parameter setting for PAC.

Is PAC use micron DDR4-CL16-2400-4GB x 2 and operating frequency at 2133MHz?

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The PAC board has :

8GB Double Data Rate 4 (DDR-4) Memory Banks with error correction code (ECC)

(2 banks) operating at 2133 Mbps. There are two banks, each of 4 GB capacity.

• The memory width is 64 data bits plus 8 ECC bits

• 1 Gb (128 MB) Flash – for use with the FIM


You have to use the Intel PAC , FIM and related software to develop for this board. You may not be able to use this board as a standalone FPGA development kit. It is only meant for PAC functions.