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OpenVINO - "Error: Failure due to generic standard exception" when running inference on FPGA


Hello, I have got an error when running inference on "HETERO:FPGA,CPU" with OpenVINO. Below are the full error log:

[ INFO ] InferenceEngine: API version ............ 1.0 Build .................. 9911 [ INFO ] Parsing input parameters [ INFO ] Loading plugin   API version ............ 1.0 Build .................. heteroPlugin Description ....... heteroPlugin [ INFO ] Loading network files: [ INFO ] Preparing input blobs [ INFO ] Batch size is 1 [ INFO ] Preparing output blobs [ INFO ] Loading model to the plugin Graph Error Code: 78 Graph Error Description: Error: Incorrect layout type of the output primitive. Sequence: 1 Subgraph: 1 Primitive: 9 Type: Output File: api/src/dla_graph_assembler.cpp Function: compute_output_primitive_params Line #: 1122 [ ERROR ] Error: Failure due to generic standard exception

The FPGA I used is Arria 10 on a PAC card and the neural network model is just a simple AlexNet-like binary classifier. The inference engine runs successfully when it only uses the CPU plugin.


Have anyone experienced the same problem before? I appreciate any insights you guys might have.



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