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Hey. What’s up. Yeah, so, I took last year off from blogging here. But there are a lot of things to share about what we’re doing in Human Resources for employees, so I’m back. This is also a good time to give Sejal a shout-out for coordinating these blogs – she does an awesome job!

ivy-small.pngOkay, the newest thing we’ve launched is a “virtual HR agent”. What’s that, you ask? You know when you shop online, whether it’s for new gadgets or it’s for a plane ticket to go somewhere or maybe it’s just for odds and ends, some websites have a virtual agent that will answer FAQs for you and guide you through the process. Our new virtual HR agent, we named her Ivy, is set up to do the same thing, but for our employees at Intel (so this is an internal tool.) If employees have questions about their pay, stock, benefits, or other HR programs, they simply bring Ivy up on the intranet and type in a question. Ivy uses a combination of natural language processing, artificial intelligence and optimized search to find the answer to the question. Also, magic. Okay, well, it’s like magic to me, so…  As of today, Ivy has 4,331 possible responses. How do I know that number so exactly? I led the team that wrote all the responses. You can bet we’re excited for the launch after all that work!

From our research, we’re the first company to implement a virtual agent like this for their employees. Ivy’s no chatbot and she’s not backed by a human “behind the curtain”. She’s all software. We’ve got lots of metrics in place to monitor her performance and our employees can give a star rating to each interaction. Using the performance data and star ratings, we can tune Ivy to make her even better. Beyond that, what’s weird is that she learns. Seriously. Her artificial intelligence gets better as employees ask her questions. Amazing. Oh, and no surprise, she runs on Intel-powered servers. You saw that coming, didn’t you?

So, we started 2013 off with a big project launch that will improve the employee experience here at Intel. And I'm back on the blog. Is it going to be a great year? You bet it is!

Hi IVY, I need help with home allowance. I am a new Intern in South Africa and I didn't receive the home allowance which I qualify for, as per what my Manager told me so please kindly assist. @Keith3 




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Folks, this is a public forum, not the place for Employees to be asking questions like this.