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HR Pathways: Never Too Late for a “First”!

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So far 2012 has been pretty quiet for me. This is partly due to the fact that my current rotation in Compensation has kept me pretty busy and I have been focusing on learning all I can about Compensation for the four months of my rotation.  In my compensation rotation I get to look at market data and gain awareness on what the hot jobs are for the year, what companies are looking for in certain talent and what they will pay for that talent.  Besides focusing on this rotation, 2012, has lent itself to some firsts that I would like to share.

First, my rotation manager is located in Arizona, (and I am in Oregon)…kind of ironic, but fun, considering I moved to Oregon from Arizona. This is the first time I have had a manager in a different location and I have had to learn to communicate with her via live meetings, video conferences and phone meetings. Communicating virtually has been a little challenging, because I miss out on the person’s body language and facial expressions which normally would allow me to develop a bond with someone. There is however, a plus side. I get to overcome this by being creative in my conversations.  I am creative by making sure I have an agenda versus an informal meeting that I could have on the way to the café or walking over to a teammates or managers cube.  Having an agenda does let me stay on point and it also allows me to be more structured so that I can utilize the time I have with someone better. I also make sure I have a list of questions, this allows me to also bond with manager as I try to create a list of questions that only give me more insight into a topic, but I also try to find a topic that my manager or teammate is passionate about. I also think it is a little quirky that I get to talk to her about the Arizona weather, the sunshine and local dines.

My second “first” is traveling to Arizona on Intel’s Shuttle. Intel’s shuttle is the cutest little jet plane that allows Intel employees to travel to other locations like Arizona or California for business reasons. It is really convenient for day trips to Arizona and allows me to connect to the other half of my Compensation team. I can have face to face 1:1 meetings with them and connect in ways that a phone conversation just does not allow. I have to say it, but it is awesome to not have to wait in a security line, go through check-in quickly and be among other Intel employees.

HRPathwaysBall-e1563823442185.jpg Getting silly in the photobooth with my fellow Pathways!

My third “first” started in 2011 with my involvement on the HR Holiday Ball Planning Committee. My involvement in the event (especially the planning process) allowed me to revisit a previous goal of mine: getting my certificate in Associate Project Management. Due to timing that goal had to be put on the backburner but the Holiday Ball revived my desire. Being on the Holiday Ball Planning Committee, allowed me to one, plan a party (now really, how cool is that?!), and two, to manage certain aspects of the party such as picking out the venue, booking the dance instructors and coordinating fun games. Being on this committee re-opened the door to my goal and gave me the motivation to start networking with other project managers, research the classes that Intel has to offer and start working on my goal again.

All of these firsts happened because Intel believes that you make your own career path. Intel believes that we all have choices; that we can and should take control of achieving our goals. Because of this belief system, I am able to have a never-ending stream of exciting “firsts.” What are some cool "firsts" you recently experienced?