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Intel Poland: Opportunities in HR

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Did you know that our Intel site in Poland grew from 120 employees to more than 850 in 12 years. Last year we hired around 250 new employees  and we’re still growing! Our site in Poland is one of the biggest in Europe with a wide scope of activities on the R&D front. R&D in Gdansk are linked to the products which are already on the market as well to those which would be launched in 4-5 years. Our people are our best asset and our HR department is a crucial for their success and today I’d like to focus on our HR division. Intel Poland has a very developed HR department which supports employees through four key groups:

Staffing Shared Service Center supports the recruitment and hiring process within the EMEA region. It provides first-rate, cost-effective services and support to employees worldwide and is dedicated to advancing Intel's business goals.

Talent Advisors are responsible for searching and hiring the brightest talents from the market, and also for preparing the strategic recruitment plans and analysis based on the current job market indicators and high-level positioning from management.

Business HR- is focusing on strategy building and finding solutions for the issues related with quality management, employee training and development. The division is fulfilling the business needs in HR related fields, collaboration with managers about hiring plans, defining the work related roles etc.

Global Employee Support focuses on providing an outstanding quality of Intel employee support, by managing issues that span through whole EMEA region. This group solves day-to-day queries and cases such as problems connected with: retirement services, BHR Focal tools, reporting, questions data, health benefits, stock and relocation, payroll or payment inaccuracies. Support of this group is provided for whole EMEA region. This is very international team consisting of team members from Poland, Russia and Israel and providing support for the whole EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Europe) region. Don’t just take our word for it- meet Anna, a member of this team who moved to Gdansk (northern Poland) from Cracow (southern Poland) to be a part of this great team. Check out her story!


My name is Anna and I am a new employee in the Gdańsk branch of Intel. I’ve got a wide range of experience and knowledge gained from other international corporations. Before Intel I worked as a Manager in Centralized HR Services Centers. Beside my work, which I really love, I enjoy spending time with my friends on the golf field for example. In Intel I am responsible for HR departments which are related to services for Europe, Russia and Israel.

1.     What do you like the most in Intel-Gdańsk?

I have joined Intel just a month ago and my onboarding experience is really outstanding. From day one I feel that Intel is a great place to work with open-minded, committed and enthusiastic people.

2.     Have you felt any difference between Tricity and your former place of residence?

I have moved to Tricity from Krakow, and it is absolutely amazing experience. Being here I’ve realized that this is an exceptional place on the map of Poland. It offers all that makes a place attractive to live: nature, entertainment, cultural and sport events, shopping malls, wide offer of comfortable flats, as well as kindergartens and schools. I have a son and daughter who enjoy the wonderful city and the seaside, have fallen in love with the place and the people we have had the opportunity to meet here so far. Of course I miss my friends in Krakow and my favorite places, clubs and restaurants, but it is just one hour flight to be there.

3.     Why have you decided to work in Gdańsk branch of Intel?

I’ve always dreamed of working in prestigious company and have influence development of organization, which truly changes the world. Thanks to Intel technologies life of many people changes for better. Being part of this process gives me lot of joy. Although my job is not straightly connected to new technologies development, I feel that through helping our employees I take part in it.

4.     Did you have any concerns about coming to Gdańsk?

 Not at all. Gdańsk is a perfect place to live.

5.     What do you like the most in your job?

As experienced HR professional with knowledge and skills gained working alongside various companies I am happy joining HR family in Intel. I have a passion for people and enjoy new experiences, projects and challenges. HR Global Employee Support organization in Gdansk is therefore a perfect working environment for me.


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