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Who Will Win the Intel Factor Film Cup? Help Decide!

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It turns out that our Interns & Student Workers across the Latin America region are pretty active and they like the spotlight. So we decided to channel their creativity into a special contest: introducing the Intel Factor Film Cup!

The rules were simple: create a video that shows what life at Intel is like—and if you inspire some people along the way, that’s cool, too. All the teams had to use their own equipment, scripts, and music.

Challenge accepted.

These videos star our own interns and student workers across Latin America. From great programmers to social media experts to finance to HR and everything in between,, you will find some great minds with amazing passionate hearts who just love to make tomorrow a better day.

Now we need your help! Who will win the Intel Factor Film Cup? Your votes will decide!

Check out the 5 videos below and vote your favorite by "Liking" it on our YouTube channel. The winning team not only gets the glory of being the first winners of this contest, but we’ll hook them up with an Intel-powered tablet so they can keep on capturing and sharing their adventures from where ever they are! Remember to vote by Friday, March 8th, 2013! The contest ends at 3pm PST.