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Authors: Wei Li, Noel Sandberg, Chandan Damannagari, Scott Lenker

In this episode of Tomorrow's Tech Today, host Dr. Sally Eaves discusses Accelerating AI Everywhere with Dr. Wei Li, Vice President and General Manager, AI & Analytics at Intel.

They explore the latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence that the team of "Engineering Magicians" at Intel have been working on, including:

  • The significant steps forward in hardware, notably the GPU line evolution, expanded integration of even greater AI capabilities into Xeon CPUs with AMX, and the Habana Gaudi processors.
  • The ‘Software First’ Initiative and key software announcements from the London AI Summit, across Industry Frameworks and Open Source Industry Reference Kits.
  • Key partnerships and ethical AI development, and using AI for Good.

Delivering end-to-end productivity and performance, underpinned by openness, choice, and security, Intel’s AI software portfolio makes AI easier to build and deploy, advancing the democratization of AI at scale.

You can watch the full interview below. To find out more from Intel about Accelerating AI Everywhere, please click here. 

About our experts

Dr. Wei Li is the Vice President and General Manager of AI & Analytics at Intel. After starting his career as a computer scientist for supercomputers, he received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Cornell University and taught Advanced Compiling Techniques at Stanford University. With a passion for technology, strategy, and execution, he has been instrumental in Intel's multi-billion-dollar AI revenue growth. You can find him on LinkedIn. 

Prof. Sally Eaves is Senior Policy Advisor for the Global Foundation of Cyber Studies & Research and CEO of Aspirational Futures, which enhances inclusion and diversity in education and technology. A highly experienced Chief Technology Officer, Professor in Advanced Technology and Global Strategic Advisor, Sally is an Author and Speaker on Digital Transformation, Culture, Skills, Sustainability and Social Impact. Find her on LinkedIn and Twitter.