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Intel HD4000 OpenGL Depth (Cube) Maps?


I'm developing a cross-platform application that utilizes OpenGL (2.0). While implementing omni-directional shadowmapping, I have noticed that on my Intel Graphics HD 4000 when rendering depth cube maps, only the positive-x face contains rendered data in my FBO. The other five faces of the cube map are black (0.0 depth). From the imagery it appears all six sides are rendering, but the target is always the positive-x face. I have tested hardcoding the face to always write to negative-z, but it continues to write all data to the positive-x face.

I have tested this exact code on NVidia hardware (NVidia 660M) and each of the six faces of the depth cube map appear correct. I have debugged the application via AMD gDebugger and have found no GL/FBO errors being reported either. Out of curiousity I even created a GL3.2 context and continue to receive this error. Since I am targeting multiple platforms (Win,Linux,Mac,iOS,Android) I am trying to target GL2.0 for compatibility but am open to creating specific contexts if needed.

I am running the drivers "", with an Core i7 Notebook (Alienware 17m with NVidia 660m Optimus Tech). I'm trying very hard to keep the Intel HD 4000 card compatible with this game which is being released in the summer so any assistance on the matter would be greatly appreciated.



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I can confirm that this happens on my HD 2500 GPU with the latest drivers (updated a few minutes ago).

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