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Multiseat with Intel graphics hd 4000 (two displays, two keyboards, two mouse) under Linux


Hello community,
in our project we intend to use two displays independent from each other. Every display gets its own keyboard and mouse device. This configuration shall be used for an training center (education) with 40 PCs (consequently 80 users).
The operational software and the system setup (except the Hardware) is entirely in our hand. The hardware is equipped with "Intel graphics hd 4000". The OS is Debian 8.
All tests with different XServer-configuations were negative. Till now it is not possible to access the graphic channels (DVI_0, DVI_1) independent from each other.

The desktop extension works fine, buts it's not what we need.

Does the graphic device “Intel graphics hd 4000” support such a multiseat configuration?
Does the device driver support such a multiseat configuration?
Do you have an idea/link to a solution?

Thanks in advance!!!
Kind regards,

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Hi Volker,

HD 4000 supports this mode of operation. Using Zaphod mode you'll get independent X displays per head, which might get you close to what you want.Another option is to use something like Wayland, which can draw on a per-head basis, then run an Xwayland server on each one with separate input devices. 



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