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NUC Gen 7 HDMI CEC features


Hello dear devs,

recently I've purchased a brand new NUC7i5BNK. One of the reasons I've bought it is the included HDMI CEC support.

However I've found out very quickly that it doesn't do what I've expected (at least not out of the box): Allow TV remote control interaction via CEC with a media center software (Kodi). So I thought: ok - the hardware is probably not yet supported by libcec. That's why I've opened this request over at github:

As of the moment it is only possible to automatically turn on / off connected devices according to the official product specification. So I'm beginning to get the feeling that it will never be possible because the hardware isn't designed for that.

Can anyone shed some light on this topic please? At Intel communities I'm not getting a clear answer:

At Kodi Wiki I've just found this information: "Updated list of CEC commands: Intel graphics do not support this feature." Is this true even for the latest NUC generation? And is this by hardware or software currently?

Perhaps someone here can even help to make a solution.

Otherwise I will likely need an additional Pulse-Eight product. :-(

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