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Using H.264/AVC DXVA with the IntelG45/GM45 Express Chipsets

I'm making a decoder of H.264 for arrandale. Then your document (Using H.264/AVC DirectX Video Accelaration with the IntelG45/GM45 Express Chipsets) is written as follows. "The application/codec needs to inform the hardware it is sending a full list of reference pictures by setting the DXVA_PicEntry_H264.Reserved16Bits to 0x34c." But a cord of an MPC in those days is as follows. if (m_pFilter->GetPCIVendor() == PCIV_Intel) { m_DXVAPicParams.Reserved16Bits = 0x534c; } else { m_DXVAPicParams.Reserved16Bits = 0; } Noise occurred by 0x34c, but if it was 0x534c, noise didn't occur. Could you answer the following question? ・Which is right for this set value? ・What kind of function does this set value have?
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