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how to using intel media SDK for mutiple channel of H264 video stream synchronous decoded at same time?


recently,I learn intel basically H264 encode or decode principle. I download intel media code sample for my learn.(download website: I start reviewing this source code (sample_decode directory file),I don't look out this code that how to decoding mutiple channel of H264 video stream synchronous at same time? I principally confused that at follow example:


if there is only H264 video engine hardware in intel cpu chip, whether using intel media SDK switch to deal with the different channel of H264 video stream asynchromous decoding or not ?  if this case can implementation I mean that media SDK use which fucntion asynchromous decode the different channel of H264 video stream in only one H264 VE(video engine) hardware unit,how to implementate  to switch at only one VE hardware?

the second issue,if there are several H264 video engine hardware in intel cpu chip,whether how to using intel media SDK that mutiple H264 video engine hardware unit can be deal with the different channel of H264 video stream at same time (synchronous)? if you know relevant SDK documentation or the function of media SDK ,please you tell me.

I don't know how to using media SDK for controling several or only one H264 video engine hardware to decode the different channel of H264 video stream at same time (synchronous).

the third issue, I research intel vaapi driver and library for gstreamer, intel media hardware decode mutiple channel of H264 video stream at same time (synchronous) in intel gstreamer plugin , how to implement the  mutex decoding of the mutiple H264 video stream at only one H264 video engine ?

in addition,I want to ask that many function of  MFX prefix how to using ? IS there the documentation of using function for deeply learning intel media SDK?  I look at Media_Samples_Guide.pdf documentation  in the sample directory ,but this documentation is brief that it is not the specification of SDK function .

I am newbie.

anybody have any idea for me,thank you for spending your time to my issue.


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Please, I wish one of the specialized forum responds

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