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Intel I211-AT NVM Checksum is not valid


Hello everyone.
I am running into a number of issues with the I211-AT adapter.
I am working with a Nexcom DNA120 box which contains 4 adapters. We are trying in question to install Sophos, which is based as far as I know on red hat, and we can't get the adapters to be detected, despite having the system with support for them. To verify that they work we try to install Linux and Windows on the box. With windows we have a problem installing them because the intel drivers appear as unsigned and it doesn't let us continue the installation. We only managed to get it to work with Windows 10 LTSC without issue. With linux (ubuntu) it returns the following error in the 4 interfaces: "The NVM Checksum is not valid".
After several hours of searching, it became clear to us that we should flash the NVM, so that it validates the adapters, but it is not clear to us with what tools the process is carried out.

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Hi @LucasWeigandt ,


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Please refer to section 2.15 What tools do I use to program the I210/I211? of the Intel® Ethernet Controller I210/I211
Frequently Asked Questions attached.

"The tools for supporting these products are available on IBL in document number 348742. EEUPDATE is
used to program the flash memory or iNVM in production environments. LANConf is designed for test
and development purposes, but can also be used to program the flash memory or iNVM"

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Jaime L.

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After quite a bit of research, I managed to find the necessary tools and the TXT file to perform the invm script, but no success. On every start I always get the same error. The tool used was eeupdate64e with the command ./eeupdate64e /nic=1 /invmupdate /file=I211_Invm_NoAPM_v0.6.txt.
The process ends with the legend Update INVM content ... Verify autoload configuration ... done, but still does not work

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im trying to upload the TXT with APM configuration enable and the eeupdate64 gave me the next error message:

Error code - 0x13 : INVM content cant be merged 

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