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Issue during initialization of retimer C287 on board with FM10840



We got a problem with initialization c827 and need help to bring up the Intel retimer C827 chip.

Our board is equipped with the Intel chips: switch FM10840 and retimer C827 (4 pcs) (lettering on the chip: EZC827AM T09S180.2).

Initially we can’t get the valid OUI values from the internal registers of the c827 chip. The values we get mismatch the values in the datasheet. 

We assumed that external library is needed, so we copy libIntelRetimer.so to ../3rdparty/retimers/libraries/IntelRetimer/ and add the following line to fm_platform_attributes.cfg file "api.platform.config.switch.0.externalSharedLibrary.0.libName text libIntelRetimer.so". 

But we have only very old version of libIntelRetimer.so library, taken from SDK IES_SDK-4.3.6-20171121.tar.gz, which we got from Intel several years ago, when we bought our first FM10840. Last FM10840 has been purchased last summer.

Could you please provide to us new verison of IES_SDK or similar product, which contains library/application to initialize of retimer C287 properly?


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