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Problem starting with WGI210IS



We have a pcb with a PCIE Switch from which five devices hang, including two WGI210IS. We cannot communicate via PCIE with the integrated WGI120 and we don’t read even device ID. We don't know what state the IC is in because its pins give little output information.

PCB routing seems to be ok and we can see the rest of PCIE devices in pcb.

At the moment the only signals we control are those of the PCIE:

  • peclk => 100MHz clock => checked with scope
  • pe_t / pe_r => we try to identify the device => checked with scope
  • pe_rst_n -> rise after startup
  • LAN_PWR_GOOD signal that we set to '1' once the power supplies have been started.
  • XTAL1 => 25 MHz oscillator

Output signal from WGI210IS:

  • PE_WAKE_N => we always read a '1'.

Following the power up timing diagrams of the datasheet (page 134), it seems that the chip cannot get out of the state internal reset because it does not try to access the external flash (monitored with scope)

Are there more signals or clocks that we have to control?

Any suggestion? Thanks in advanced

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Hello, @David_1:

Thank you for contacting Intel Embedded Community.

We want to address the following questions to understand this situation:

Could you please let us know if the affected designs have been developed by you or by a third-party company? Could you please give the name of the manufacturer, model, and where to find the information related to the affected third-party design? Could you please list the sources that you have used to develop the affected design and if it has been verified by Intel?

We are waiting for your answer to these questions.

Best regards,


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The design has been developed by me and we have manufactured two prototypes mounting two WGI210IS devices.

If you need more information about schematics, I can give you this part. 

The sources that I have used to develop this design are:

· Datasheet: Intel® Ethernet Controller I210 Datasheet. Revisión 3.3.

· I210-AS / IS REFERENCE SCHEMATIC. Doc. Number: 490116. Rev 1.9. Date: 2012-09-28

If you need more info, do not hesitate to contact me

Best Regards,



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Hello, @David_1:

Thanks for your reply.

You should request a review of your implementation following the procedure stated on the following website:


Best regards,


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