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i210 Invalidating iNVM entry using EEUpdate


In a new custom design we use an I210 as an ethernet controller on our measurement hardware.

The I210 is operated in flashless mode (iNVM only).


On our previous design we programmed the I210 using EepromAccessTool with a suitable hex file.

In our new design we have to use the EEUpdate tool for Windows.


Now we have the problem, that we want to invalidate some missprogrammed fields. With EepromAccessTool, I was able to simply change the struct type to 111b (Invalidated iNVM structure) and could place the new information after all existing data.


How can I achieve a similar behavior with EEUpdate? As we cannot use hex files in combination with EEUpdate (as far as I know), there should be a possibility to do it in the iNVM config file for EEUpdate.

With EEUpdate I have to program a structure like this:


WALD 0x1b = 0x3400 PCIE_RST ; [Intel] Default settings.
WALD 0x28 = 0x1C60 PCIE_RST ; [Intel] FLBAR_Size = 000


But I cannot find a command for invalidated structure instead of "WALD".


In addition - using EEUpdate is it somehow specified which dataset from the config file will be programmed to which byte of the NVM?

For the hex file from EepromAccessTool it's easy because it's just the ordered iNVM content.


Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hello, @HBrug:


Thank you for contacting Intel Embedded Community.


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