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i218-LM Atom E3815 Compatibility



We are doing problems to integrate the Atom E3815 with the I218LM phys devices.

  • Scenary 1:  We have developed a device with 2 ethernet connections based on phy devices I210LM full PCIe 2.1 compliant connected to PCIe[2] and PCIe[3] to the Atom E3815. This scenary is full working and detected in linux based system. 
  • Scenary 2: In 2 new prototyped we decided to replace the phys because we don't found available stock for I210LM  > 20 weeks. This prototyped aren't working right now. I can view by 'dmesg' that the same driver is loaded but the new phys I228LM aren't detected.fjarroyovalle_0-1648222906040.png



I reviewed the I228LM datasheet and we can read the next note in the "Overview Introduction":

"The Intel Ethernet Connection I218 PCIe interface is not PCIe compliant. It operates at half the speed of the PCI Express Specification v1.1 (2.5GT/s). In this datasheet, the term PCIe-based is interchangeable with PCIe. There are no design layout differences between normal PCIe and the Intel Ethernet Connection I218's PCIe-based interface."


  1. Could it be the problem, i.e., it is the PCIe-based interface of I218 needs to work at half speed, or not?
  2. If so that, how can we fix it with the Atom E3815?
    We have to add an intermediate chip like the Intel C220 (PCH-LP) for the I218LM PCIe-based interface to work or we can fix it with BIOS + Linux modifications...

Best regards in advance,

Fran Arroyo 

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Hello fjarroyovalle,


Thank you for posting in Intel Ethernet Communities. 


Base on your inquiry, we have specific forum for these issues and I will be transferring this thread for faster response. 


Please wait for their reply within 1 to 2 business days.


Thank you and stay safe..


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Michael L.

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Hello, @fjarroyovalle:

Thank you for contacting Intel Embedded Community.

We sent an email to the address related to this account with information that may help you.

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