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i350 Ethernet controller


Hello Experts,

i would like to know about how to bring-up i350 ethernet controller on Sandy-bridge PEG(PCIe slot) as like external ethernet controller. we have changed the design for our target board as like CRB(Cougarcanyon) internal one (on PCH PCIe slot 6) to External ethernet controller (i350) on PEG slot but we couldn't able to bring-up that.can anyone suggest us on how to bring-up ?.

and while creating Flash image for CRB using FITC we use to add Gbe firmware and choosing PCH PCIe slot as 6th slot because internal ethernet controller is placed onPCIe slot 6 only but when we tried for our target with and without of Gbe we are not able to disable the option related to PCH PCIe slot selection, will it cause any problem in i350 bring-up on sandybridge PEG slot?


Vishnu vardhan

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