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BLDK external ata/sata controller (not us15w)



I'm porting the BLDK to an system with an melow platform with us15w chipset. I used BLDK_GOLD_CORE_1_3_2_16_Menlow as a template and the basic bootloader is up and running.

Now I want to load a linux from an harddisk. The harddisk is connected to an external JMB363 SATA-Controller and not to the PATA-controller inside the us15w. The JMB362 also has a legacy ATA-Mode.

How can I use the BLDK ata driver to access the external ATA-Controller ?

Actually it seems that everything is in the BLDK. It only has to use the JMB362 legacy ata controller instead of the us15s. Actually this should be a fairly simple change, but the ATA-Driver code is not delivered in source code and I found now way to tell the driver to use a different controller.

Has anyone a solution for this problem ?

Thank you, Karl Georg

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