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EIDE on EG20T Controller Hub CAN channel


I am writing an application that uses the Eg20T Controler Hub CAN channel. We are using the CAN 2.0B extended message (29 bit header format). The Intel Platform Controller Hub EG20T CAN Driver for Windows Programmer's Guide Feb 2011 Doc # 323255-002US says that the IOCTL_CAN_WRITE uses the ioh_can_msg_t structure. But the ioh_can_msg_t structure only has an unsigned short (16 bit) for the ide (standard/extended message).

How do I put the CAN 29 bit IDE/EIDE into the ioh_can_msg_t structure and inform the CAN transmitter that I wish to send a message with the extended EIDE header?

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Hi! I am trying to find the header files mentioned in some of the EG20T Programmers Guides. From your post here, it appears you may be using some of the structures defined in a header file for this device. Can you tell me where you obtained your header files? I am having trouble finding anything or getting much help from our board provider or from Intel. I would appreciate the help!


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