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Shifting .... MAC addresses


Hello Forum,

Intel's Starter kit on Intel's Atom Processor E660 (Tunnel Creek) family operating with 1.3 GHz clock speed with 512K cache in 32bit mode with max threads 2. CPU operates under 32bit instructions code with embedded options available.

Currently I am using MeeGo OS which is based Open Linux Image

My immediate problem is to cope with continuously shifting MAC address on the Atom Processor board, every time I reset (switch ON/OFF) to the board I get completely NEW MAC address; hence, therefore, I cannot USE to setup or get booted from the PXE server aka (TFT). I need to boot this starter kit with similar Kernel 2.6.37 from the server just to test few application and indeed setup development, testing and debugging environment for further development.

The idea is to develop application software and modify existing device driver(s) on development machine and setup testing and debugging on the Intels' Starter Kit surf board.

IS there anybody who knew how to restrict, or stop these behavior of changing MAC address when get booted with Meego OS in to the Board?

It appears to me that the board completely isolated from the mains power supply for more than two hour it loose it BIOS setting including system Date and Time that ultimatly affect a real-time clock and require recalibration of system time and other parameters at BIOS level.

I understood a successful TFT boot operation on board to initiate its boot process from remote require fix MAC address on post booting on board currenly I cannot achive, I wonder at Intel some body knew? Cause I can see during the BIOS setup.

In the BIOS set up screen AMI Bios Main Advance Chipset Boot Security Save & Exit options exist Choosing an option "Advance" gives an option of

"Launch PXE OpROM" ---> Enabled

The details explanation read "Enable or Disable Boot Option for Legacy Network Device".

Thanks in advance


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It sounds like the RTC battery is dead, have you tried replacing this? Although I'm not sure why the MAC address keeps changing, its usually allocated at manufacturing stage, and stored in eeprom.



I cannot imagine the Intel provided this Starter Kit board with madey by Brookville, using AMI BIOS. This kit encourages to the desing/developer(s) to develop for Car Infotainment application software with couple of MeeGo OS images. These MeeGo image based on Open Linux Kernel 2.6.37 along with necessary device drivers. Board seems to be fire up OK but stated problem continues I cannot find any solution for this remedy. As past experience shows that all the MAC addresses based on UUID created by the manufacturer and embedded into the NIC Chip as a permanent fix address of the NIC hardware. This behavior completely baffled.

This motherboard a goodies from Intel for In vehicle car infotainment development starter's kit made by Brookville Rev A2, with 5"x5" total dimension of the second board while 3"x3" small board with CPU installed, on top heat sink with fan along with on board Radio Tuner TDGA6x010A 0O0825G with 2 display unit support AGP6063 chipset.


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