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EMGD install.sh errors Fedora 16


I am trying to install EMGD on Fedora 16. I follow the Users Guide instructions for Timesys as close as I can. The big difference is when I rpmbuild -bp with Fedora 16 if gives me 2 kernels (linux-3.1.i686 and vanilla 3.1) within /usr/src/kernels. I think there could be some confusion gonig on there. Anyways when I run the install.sh it warns:

Symbol version dump /usr/src/kernels/3.1.0-7.fc16.i686/kernel-3.1.fc16/linux-3.1.i686/Module.symvers is missing

- this doesn't seem to bother much, but then I start getting errors when it tries to make common/drm/emgd/drm/emdg_drv.c

error: unknown field 'pci_driver' specified in initializer.

error: implicit declaration of 'drm_exit'

etc, etc

I feel like these might be simple errors to fix but I have been banging my head with them. Could this be a install path issue? Any help greatly appreciated

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I think the big clue here is that "16" does not equal "14". The driver is kernel specific. If you downgrade the kernel in Fedora 16 to the one in Fedora 14, the driver will work- but then you will essentially have Fedora 14 which is the one we support now and would recommend using. Later versions are in planning, however, it is not guaranteed we will ever support Fedora 16. Our OEM customers set what Linux distros we support at what time.

Hope this helps.

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