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Exclusive First Look at Wind River JTAG for Atom


Following up from the March 4th announcement at http://www.windriver.com/news/press/pr.html?ID=6661 http://www.windriver.com/news/press/pr.html?ID=6661" target="_blank">Embedded World of Wind Rivers's On Chip Debugging development suite for Atom, the engineers from their Canton, MA, office dropped by with a prototype of their JTAG hardware. Its includes the 60 pin Adapter for the Intel XDP socket, see photo on the left, and is a compact USB powered device. I plugged it into a board with some SATA connectors so you can see the relative dimensions in the larger photo. We're still waiting on the software and we will post some videos and more details as we get them.

No word on pricing or general availability at this time.

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Currently the Atom processor is no different than any other Intel CPU, it's just a lot smaller and a lot cheaper. By the end of this year Intel should release Moorestown, a System-on-Chip (SoC) version that uses the Atom processor core and surrounds it with graphics, memory controller and video encode/decode engines:


As promised, more details. In fact, we have a training video on the site now showing the JTAG unit being used for BIOS development, Board initialization and Bringup.

http://edc.intel.com/Video-Player.aspx?id=2318 http://edc.intel.com/Video-Player.aspx?id=2318" >http://edc.intel.com/Video-Player.aspx?id=2318

Watch out for new videos featuring VxWorks Debug and Linux Debug in the next few weeks.


Two more videos have been posted on EDC now, one for Linux users, and one for VxWorks users.

I've also got a new twitter account @intel_stewart, so my updates will now be 140 words or less..

intel_stewart: A new video from Windriver on edc.intel.com showing their new JTAG on Embedded Atom and how to debug linux http://bit.ly/jtag1 http://bit.ly/jtag1" >http://bit.ly/jtag1

intel_stewart: How to debug VxWorks using Wind River OCD JTAG tools in Workbench on the Embedded Atom at edc.intel.com http://bit.ly/Jtag2 http://bit.ly/Jtag2" >http://bit.ly/Jtag2