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First 16GB modules available for Intel Atom C2000 Avoton/Rangeley


The Atom C2000 series processors use unbuffered DDR3 SDRAM DIMMs or SO-DIMMs (with ECC), which are typically only available in capacities up to 8 Gigabyte.

After Intels latest BIOS update which is available since Q4/2013, the Avoton/Rangeley now accepts modules with up to 16GByte capacity. A board with 4 sockets can be upgraded to total 64 Gigabyte!

The world's first 16 Gigabyte modules are now sampling from the company I'M Intelligent Memory.

Available form factors are 240 Pin UDIMM and 204 Pin SO-DIMM, optionally with ECC.

The modules base on IMs own DDR3 / DDR3L 8Gbit components and use just two ranks (Non-ECC -> 16 Chips, ECC -> 18 Chips of 8Gbit components in x8 configuration).

Mass production starts in March/April.

The modules have been verified for compatibility by Intel. The full validation of the modules by Intels lab-partner AVL is planned to be started soon.

Datasheets are available at www.intelligentmemory.com

Samples can be ordered from IM directly or through their worldwide distribution network.


Thorsten Wronski

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