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How to enable USB 2.0 Compliance mode on Elkhart Lake


Hello, intel friends,

I am using x6212RE, and I hope to do USB2.0 Compliance test on my project. I cannot use the USBHSET tool provided by USB-IF because of Linux based environment. I found nothing about USB2.0 compliance test mode description in EDS, only a document (618829) found about USB3 test patten generation about Elkhart Lake platform. It cannot help me for my purpose.

For Apollo Lake platform, there is a document (574522) descripts how to enable usb2 test patten, and the related registers are not introduced in EDS, too. I believe that there is method to modify Elkhart Lake processors' related registers like Apollo Lake, but Intel doesn't write the guideline. 

Could you support me for this topic?

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Hello, @greenstar_xl:

Thank you for contacting Intel Embedded Community.

We sent an email to the address associated with this account with information that may help you .

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