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IEGD 10.2 on Linux - Suspend/Hibernate



I am using IEGD 10.2 dirvers on Atom+US15W chipset. Linux version is Ubuntu 9.10. Everything looks fine, drm, Xorg, good 3D, even video acceleration with mplayer-vaapi.

One thing I am worry about is Suspend/Hibernate functionality, graphics can not resume from these states. Were these features tested on any Linux platform? Any tips to get it working?

Thanks, Denis

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Hi Denis:

Welcome to the Intel® Embedded Community.

Since you are using Atom + US15W System Controller Hub, I want to make you aware of a special place to go with your technical questions. The Intel e-Help desk is staffed by Intel representatives dedicated to answering embedded Intel® architecture product, design and development questions for select Intel processors, including Atom and US15W.

The Intel e-Help desk is only available to registered private users. Before you can access e-Help, you will first have to upgrade your community membership to private status. Private account status also allows you to access special documents and tools at the Intel® Embedded Design Center. Note that it usually takes a few days for the approval process, and it normally requires that your company has a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with Intel. If you are interested, http://edc.intel.com/My-Account.aspx http://edc.intel.com/My-Account.aspx" target="_self" rel="nofollow">Click here to go to your 'My Account' page and request registered private access.

In the meantime, let's see if someone in the community can help you with an answer.



We are tracking an issue (200898) that should have been in the "http://edc.intel.com/Download.aspx?id=2390&returnurl=/Software/Downloads/IEGD/default.aspx http://edc.intel.com/Download.aspx?id=2390&returnurl=/Software/Downloads/IEGD/default.aspx" >Specifcation Update" for 10.2 but was not included for some reason.

Here are the details:

"System will either restart or crash/halt after wake up from SUSPEND S3 state"

We do not currently have a workaround and we are still trying to determine where the problem occurs (it may be a new "feature" of newer kernels that we need to code around).

For now we do not recommend using suspend/resume in Linux. Typically most embedded devices are plugged in and on all the time so for most embedded applications, suspend and resume are not a critical requirement.

We hope to resolve this issue in a future release (although maybe not in the 10.3 timeframe).

Sorry for any inconvienence.