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Supported not DXVA(DirectX Video Accelerator) for Windows7


Windwos7 using,

Supported not DXVA(DirectX Video Accelerator)

WIndwos XP or Server 2003 by usingDXVA-enabled chipsets that have US15W.However, the environment is not supported in Windows 7.In fact [DXVA checker Program] If you check through a program calledVC - 1, H264, MPEG2 and Intel said in the EDC Plan is consistent with DXVA support.Nevertheless, despite the use should not, come.The MPC (Media Player Classic) through a program called the play H264 files[Not Support DXVA] a message will pop up.In addition we must not enable DXVAThis video is not related to the renderer.(Already tried several adjustments sangtaeim)Other third-party video playback program through DXVA will not be activated from the US15W chipset.Even Windows 7 will not be activated even in Windows Media Player 12.Why would you want it, come Windows 7 unique problem?I do not think.Windows Vista is not activated in the same way.Turn on the latest hardware accelerated Direct X is installed asIEGD 10.2.2 apply to the latest drivers for Windows 7 and had been using.And here is South Korea.River Site in South Korea in the video, Microsoft Active-X technology by implementing various programs to play video.Information on the web page below the video does not play smoothly.(Active-X installation required): http://ebsi.co.kr/ebs/apz.appEBSiPlayer.laf?onlyView=Y&contentsId=11F0LT5154D3_0010&courseId=11F0LT5154D3&contentsType=V0600&currentPosition=&userId http://ebsi.co.kr/ebs/apz.appEBSiPlayer.laf?onlyView=Y&contentsId=11F0LT5154D3_0010&courseId=11F0LT5154D3&contentsType=V0600&currentPosition=&userId" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Http://ebsi.co.kr/ebs/apz.appEBSiPlayer.laf?onlyView=Y&contentsId=11F0LT5154D3_0010&courseId=11F0LT5154D3&contentsType=V0600&currentPosition=&userId =:In addition many bugs are found in the driverFor solving this problem as soon as I will report.

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Windows 7 is not currently a POR (plan of record) O/S supported by the embedded product teams. As such, IEGD (our current embedded graphics driver) by design will not install properly on Windows 7. The GMA500 driver is not supported by the embedded teams so if you are using that, we cannot offer much help. If you are using the defaut VGA driver in Windows 7, then it will not support any of the important capabilities of the chipset and your the experience is to be expected.

You do not state what driver you are trying to use so we cannot give you any specific advice, however if you were to use IEGD on XP, XPe, or Vista then we would be able to give you help.

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