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IEGD 10.4/GMA500/Windows xp/ resolution over screen,need help pls!



I using a MID(model:aigo P8880E) with windows xp, the physics maximum resolution is 800x480. I use IEGD 10.4 made a driver for resolution 1024*600, it could be supported more games and software, but can not display fit in a screen,it would be over.Please help me!

Modeline "800x480" 29.500 800 816 896 992 480 481 484 497 +hsync +vsync

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Without panning (and that is not universally supported), you cannot make an 840x480 display do 1024x600. That is a HARDWARE limitation that cannot be overcome with the software. It just does not work to downscale a bigger screen to lower resolution display= the screen becose jaggy, details are lost and it is unusable. You only hope is to get a higher end device with a higher resolution screen.

To try to enable panning, you would want to use CED to configure the driver for 800 x 480, allow standard resolutions but make sure you set "fixed timing" option for the LVDS so it stays at 800x480. Personally, I do not find panning usable, but it might work for you (if your platform supports it).

Hope this helps...