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IEGD for 64-bit Windows?


I've got a couple of questions regarding the use of IEGD on 64-bit Windows operating systems which are becoming more and more popular, even in the Embedded world.

Does Intel have any plans to release an IEGD version for 64-bit Windows operating systems? I'm not a driver expert, but is it even possible for a driver like IEGD to meet the driver signing requirements of the OS? I mean, unlike other drivers, IEGD is not an unchangeable binary package. It can be created, configured and modified by the user.

Any information regarding this topic is very much appreciated.

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Unfortunately our platform product teams do not see the same desire for 64-bit in the embedded markets at this time thus we do not have anything on our POR (yet). This may be a situation where "if we build it they will come" but that is not perceived currently. I personally understand the need but then I am not a customer... ;-)

The best thing to do is to work with your field sales people and make sure your needs are being communicated to out product teams. We are driven by "return on investment" so we need to see the demand to prioitize the capability.

Sorry I cant answer this more favorably right now but you can sure help to get that changed.


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